Sunday, March 19, 2017


Hey, Everyone.

I wanted to thank you all for always visiting, but as of right now, I've moved to a new home, my personal website and will be slowly shutting down here.

Hope you come find me at

Christine Steeves Speakman

If you check out the ChrisChat's One-Stop Blog, you'll find all the new entries plus the slow moving of past ones. Plus the categories at the side allow you to find the post you're most interested least that's the plan :)

Again, thanks and hope to see you over there.

Chris aka ChrisChat

Active dreaming for your night’s sleep

Have you ever been in the middle of a great dream, woken up, and then wished you could go back to the dream? Yup, me too.

And, you can or at least try and have some bit of success.

I don’t have the websites or books or even when/where I first heard about the concept of active dreaming. Nor do I even remember the science or fluff behind it. I do know that if I start a reel of thoughts or images in my mind before closing my eyes, I sometimes end up having pleasant dreams. And, yes, those thoughts/images are incorporated.

Hey, if our stresses and worries can manifest in our night-dreams, why not fun thoughts?

Another yes goes to the same thing happening when I’m woken from a great dream. If I think on the last thought of the dream, I can move myself back into that dream or at least end up repeating it. How if you can’t even remember the dream?

I am pretty good at remembering my dreams or at least have a volume of them I do remember. Can’t state how many I don’t, now can I.

I do keep a dream journal. And when I remember…I know, it’s one of those ‘huh’ moments…to write my dreams down I tend to remember new ones more often.

This isn’t for everyone and as I said I have no proof of where this first came to life, except that it’s worked for me.

What’s it going to hurt to try…unless you like your stressed/worried night-dreams?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I tried watercolours

When you don’t know how they work be prepared to make puddles.

I understand teachers have only so much time each class and yes they’re human and make snap judgements on the seriousness of students. With that said I wish my teacher had offered more than – hard subject, should have picked something else.

No, I’m not bitter. No, I’m not blaming the individual. In that moment of no guidance and no advice, I lost something. The curiosity of watercolours and what could have been.

You don’t want to know how many types of watercolours I’ve bought over the years and still hear those unhelpful words. The impact of being not good enough.

However, now I have Google and I might just give watercolours another try. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Thank you, Mr. Mills

Thank you, all my teachers. And thank you, their families.

Mr. Mills recently passed away. He was my high school art teacher, a subject I took for “fun”, my free pick. A subject I wasn’t very good at. I struggle with this creative medium, but I never gave up and won’t give it up.

I remember the weekly sketching homework. I remember the conversations on composition. I remember never being in the norm as to the focal point of any painting.

Yes, I never saw the same focal point just like I rarely interpreted the same poetic meaning.

Like my father, my teachers would not mark me wrong just because my view was different. Not that dad ever marked me wrong, LOL.

If I could back up my opinion. Show why my view was different, I didn’t fail the assignment. I might not get full marks, but I wasn’t forced into a box I didn’t fit.

I had my challenges in high school, social anxiety made life…interesting. And part of me has looked back and questioned those years. Not in the best of light.

However, I am grateful I wasn’t squashed into being someone else. Someone not me.

Thank you.